Our Team

Alan Zidek

Alan Zidek, PT, MPT

Alan became interested in physical therapy after working for many years in the bicycle industry helping competitive cyclists prevent and recover from injuries.  In 2005 he received his Masters of Physical Therapy degree from the University of Kansas Medical Center then moved to Arkansas where he began working with people recovering from spinal cord injuries, limb amputations, and a variety of orthopedic issues.  He loves seeing his clients recover from injuries and return to living full lives.  Outside of therapy, Alan enjoys spending time with his wife and training their two hyper-active dogs (border collie and Australian shepherd).

Professional Experience and Education

Alan has an undergraduate degree in English from Kansas State University, and a Master of Physical Therapy degree from the University of Kansas.  He has worked in hospital and outpatient settings addressing a spectrum of diagnoses, from joint replacements, rotator cuff repairs, spinal fusions and amputations, to neurological problems, like MS, stroke, and spinal cord injuries.  Even with over 14 years of therapy experience, Alan is always seeking new ways for patients to recover and excel after injury.

Continuing Education

Always looking for knowledge to further his ability to help his clients, Alan is pursuing certification if manual therapy through Maitland-Australian Physiotherapy.  Alan has completed the following courses:

University of St. Augustine Seminars:

  • S4 Functional Analysis and Management of the Lumbo-pelvic-hip Complex
  • S1 Spinal Evaluation and Manipulation
  • MF1 Myofascial Manipulation
  • E1 Extremity Evaluation and Manipulation
  • Exercise Strategies and Progression for Musculoskeletal Dysfunction

Other Seminars:

  • Introduction to Canine Rehabilitation
  • Treating the Shoulder Complex: Advances in Conservative and Post-op Management
  • Cervicogenic Headache: Examination & Treatment
  • Outpatient Therapy CPT Coding, Billing, and Documentation for Rehabilitation Reimbursement
  • Canine Sports Medicine