Vroni R.

When I first went to see Danielle I had a shoulder problem that did not allow me to turn my head all the way to the right.My friend who had recommended me to her told me that she would have me fixed in no time. She was so right.
In a few weeks Danielle had me turning my head all the way to the right. I was able to sleep through the night with out a heating pad. What a relief!
Danielle is not only knowledgeable and qualified, ( one can tell she has a PHD)she also teaches yoga. She is empathetic and makes her clients trust her entirely. She is also fun and relaxing.
Today was my last day and for graduation she gave me a mug with Blue Sky Physical Therapy written on it reminding me that she would be there for me in case I needed to come back.
I will definitely miss her sessions.She is the best!