Patient Testimonials

  • I needed PT after breaking my collarbone due to a bike accident. I did PT with Samantha Harmon, DPT. She did an excellent pre-therapy evaluation which identified my problem areas related to the injury. She developed a treatment plan for each visit that improved my range of motion and strength. She emailed me after each visit with instructions of the exercises done at the office so I could do them at home. This was very helpful! During my last visit, she remeasured my shoulder range of motion, which had improved dramatically, without further pain. I can now workout at the gym without aggravating my injury. I’m back at work, and function well at home also. I would definitely recommend Blue Sky PT and return if I ever need PT again. Thank You!


  • Hillary has helped me greatly with numerous body parts over many years. She has always demonstrated compassion, great competence, mature perspective and patience.

    Andy S.

  • Lindsay! She is such a pro. So knowledgeable and professional. She uplifts my spirits and makes me feel so positive about improving my injury.

    Lauren G.

  • Blue Sky was recommended to me by a coworker and I am so glad I went!  I had a humerus fracture and repair that left me unable to move my arm after surgery.  Blue Sky got me back to full range of motion!  I have worked with multiple PT’s over my 6 month time there and they are all fantastic.  Their hours are very convenient, so I can go before or after work.  Plus, they have a parking deck so you don’t have to search for street parking.

    I highly recommend them for anyone in need of physical therapy!

    Lauren B.

  • I have been receiving treatment for the past three months for rotator cuff repair and restriction due to aging and golfing. I am having marked improvement working with Danielle Hoguet. Danielle is an excellent therapist who is giving me skills and therapeutic exercises I can incorporate into my daily living that will ensure a pain-free day and many more years to enjoy the game I love, golf and with my objection of avoiding shoulder surgery.

    Blue Sky Physical Therapy is a nice, pleasing environment, staffed with a great group of therapists with advanced degrees and plenty of experience working with people like myself who are seeking an active lifestyle.

    I’m confident you will find the right therapist to help you through your current disability. Best of luck to you in the new year.

    Mike C.

  • The pleasant, friendly, and very capable reception staff sets a warm, positive tone. My therapist, Karen, is great! She is very competent, interested in and encouraging about my progress, and has a fun sense of humor!

    Kate D.

  • The professionals at Blue Sky are wonderful. They are very attuned to the clients’ needs, and very well schooled in ways to help alleviate physical ailments.

    Marsha W.

  • My physical therapist (Hillary) is great! I’ve seen her over the last few years for several different problems, and she ‘s really helped me. I highly recommend her!

    Ellen S.

  • I’m very, very grateful for the great support and detailed personal attention I receive at Blue Sky. It’s very different from PT I’ve had at other, larger practices where you share your therapist with other patients at the same time. The therapists at Blue Sky are very knowledgeable, caring and reassuring. I was pretty nervous about resuming activity after my spinal fusion surgery, but they have helped me set realistic goals and gain confidence, all the while getting stronger. I couldn’t recommend them more highly. They’re great!

    Danelle W.

  • When I first went to see Danielle I had a shoulder problem that did not allow me to turn my head all the way to the right.My friend who had recommended me to her told me that she would have me fixed in no time. She was so right.
    In a few weeks Danielle had me turning my head all the way to the right. I was able to sleep through the night with out a heating pad. What a relief!
    Danielle is not only knowledgeable and qualified, ( one can tell she has a PHD)she also teaches yoga. She is empathetic and makes her clients trust her entirely. She is also fun and relaxing.
    Today was my last day and for graduation she gave me a mug with Blue Sky Physical Therapy written on it reminding me that she would be there for me in case I needed to come back.
    I will definitely miss her sessions.She is the best!

    Vroni R.

  • Finally finding some relief. My muscles so tight around my shoulders and neck and they are finally calming down.

    Meredith C.