Patient Testimonials

  • I’ve had pain in my left hip area ever since a fall on cement two years ago. My sports medicine doc recommended physical therapy to strengthen the muscles in the area. I started working with Alan Zidek and have been going two times a week. After five weeks, I am very pleased with my progress in improving my strength, endurance, and balance. I am very happy with Blue Sky.

    Helen P.

  • Thank you for working with me and helping me gain some very useful insight into overcoming my balance problems.  I continue to see progress week by week, and now believe I am on course for a more fulfilling life.  It is as if you helped take years off of my age, or in other words, added many useful years to my life.  Thank you very much!

    Jay W.

  • Blue Sky PT is an outstanding, professional healthcare facility with caring and extremely competent therapists. I have worked with several physical therapists and Pilates reformer classes. Highest recommendation!

    Beverly M.

  • Sammi Harmon was amazing! My son is a passionate ballet student and she understood exactly what his problems were and what he needed to do to get them better. It’s hard to find a PT who understands ballet. When he complains that something is tight or he can’t do something or when he’s having problems from a ballet- specific problem such as sickling his foot, an average PT wouldn’t be able to help. I’d highly recommend Sammie to any ballet student!

    Robin D.

  • Katherine is the best! It’s so difficult finding medical professionals who actually care about your health, but she is one of the rarities. She has an excellent bedside manner, she listens to my issues and tries to come up with plans to help me get better, not just maintenance for the rest of my life. She has helped me immensely. I drive over 30 min twice a week just to see her. She even called all of my other doctors to get a better idea of my condition in order to help me more effectively. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking pelvic floor therapy.

    Paige N.

  • Katherine and Hillary have truly mastered the craft of “effective physical therapy”! Their hands-on approach has truly helped me recover from four major orthopedic surgeries over the last 10 months. These two PTs are top-notch…friendly, positive, and knowledgeable. Much gratitude friends!

    Chad S.

  • I have had the pleasure of dealing with Blue Sky for one thing or another for more than 12 years. First for Pilates which I have continued to this date. Then for a badly strained back and later sciatica. In all instances, I have been treated professionally with great skill and care. The therapists at Blue Sky have not just felt with the injury but have been concerned with my whole wellness. Also, Pilates is wonderful because teachers are all PT professionals as well and so they understand my body. You can have complete confidence in this outfit. Incidentally, their COVID protocols are excellent.


    Garry H.

  • Katherine has been a godsend. She is knowledgeable and skilled and creative in her approach to physical therapy. She is very engaged and listens well and addresses my concerns and my issues with skill and talent. I am very grateful to have her help as I recover from my injuries.
    Val M.

  • Blue Sky PT is #1. I was referred to this clinic in 2017 when I was diagnosed with a labral tear and FAI in my right hip. Prior to surgery, we did strengthening exercises in order to strengthen the muscle groups around the hip pre-surgery. Post-op we progressed beautifully until I found out that I had the same issue in my left hip in 2018. I was then diagnosed with bilateral borderline hip dysplasia. Finally, in 2020, I had the left tear and FAI repaired. Lindsay was my PT in 2017 and Hilary in 2020. Both are seriously *amazing.* Really – you can’t get any better. Hilary is informative, goal-oriented, knowledgeable, flexible, and kind. She really knows her stuff, and we have worked together over the past four months post-op to attain my goals. She also does dry needling, and I HIGHLY recommend you try it. She is an inspiration, and I am truly grateful for the progress we have made together. The way I am progressing from my second surgery is seriously indescribable. The way my body was functions from 2017-June 2020 has completely changed for the better now. I am eternally grateful for this place and its staff. Thank you, Blue Sky!
    Maya J.

  • With the guidance and therapy from my PT, Karen Lewis, each week the day after her treatment my back gets incrementally stronger and my energy also is slowly getting better.

    Gene B.