Would You Benefit From a Running Analysis?

The Physical Therapists at Blue Sky can assist you with various running related issues such as:

  • Running related injuries, including but not limited to:
    • Runner’s Knee
    • IT Band Syndrome
    • Stress Fractures
    • Plantar Fasciitis
    • Achilles Tendinitis
    • Low Back Pain
    • Other Joint Pain
  • Customized training programs
  • General education on improving performance and safety

Running analysis is completed by using a treadmill and video recording from multiple angles. This allows for a comprehensive analysis of biomechanics at each joint. A thorough running analysis can identify areas of weakness, imbalance, stiffness, etc. that need improvement in order to maximize performance and minimize risk of injury. Running analysis can benefit injured runners and those looking to improve performance. Contact us to schedule your session today!